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Ask yourself how long do you plan on remaining having to rely on others to run your site for you. Do you seriously think they will care about your business as much as you? Learn how to get the affordable Easy to Use software that does All the work for you.

You Do Not need Special HTML Coding or Programming Skills. However, it is not as difficult to learn as you think. Learn how to Create, Update, Maintain, Host, and more importantly, Promote your website. I will show you with No games, Upselling, or Nonsense how to use the FREE tools and resources that work and avoid those that get you blacklisted and banned from Google.

I Can Create And Build Your Site For You.

If you simply can not make the time to build your site, yes I’d be happy to build it for you and show you all your options. However, consider this; If you hire someone to build your house - would they be able to pick out Your Paint Colors, Tile, Wallpaper, Carpets and Drapes and be right every time? You can choose to build a site from scratch, or use any of the many templates available. As your business grows your Website will require changes and updates which only you can decide on. Can you really afford NOT to learn how it is done? Contact me for more information about your available options.

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 Welcome To The Devil’s Playground

If you found my website, it may be because you are looking for information how to go about getting your own. Either to find someone who you can afford to do it for you; or do as I have and learn to do it yourself. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Internet; both fascinating and appalling at the same time. Everybody up here getting rich or trying to find a way to get there.

Statistically, each day over 600,000 people go on line for their first time. The computer, and now the smartphone, is rapidly replacing the way everybody gets information, news, music, movies and does business. The day has arrived where there are two types of businesses. Those who are On Line and those who are out of business. Which one will yours be? What it amounts to is you need a website to place your business card on the internet rolodex. If you are depending on Print advertising such as the Yellow pages or classified ads you are leaving money on the table for those who no longer use anything but Google or other Internet search methods to find you.

Creating Your Website Is The Easy Part

When I say Easy, don’t get that twisted. Unlike writing a book, where all you have to come up with are the words to put on the page, now you have to create a book on a page that comes alive! What colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, styles, and so much more. How to create that Slam Dunk piece of Graphic art that makes everybody go Wow.

Getting Your Customers To Find It Is Where The Real Work Begins

Every day the rules of SEO (search engine optimization) change. There is only so much room for those on the First Page of Google where everybody wants to be. The tricks, tips and secrets to dominate search results are a constant battle to keep up with and you can get sucked into some very expensive ways to learn the hard way what no longer works.

Before you break the bank learning the hard way like many people do. Contact me for your FREE demonstration and learn what you need to know before you buy. I can save you thousands of dollars and all the aggravation of having to learn the hard way.With NO Games or NONSENSE!

David Carucci